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BP Factory Rolex GMT Master ii Rootbeer ref126711CHNR Swiss 3285 Clone Movement

$1,000.00 $920.00

Watch video of this Rolex GMT master II Rootbeer 1:1 Replica


Best 1:1 Clone Rolex GMT Root beer

Specs Of this Rolex GMT Rootbeer best Replica

Series: Greenwich series

BP factory V4

Size: 40mm

Movement: Swiss 3285 Clone Movement

Mirror: Scratch-resistant sapphire mirror

Surface: black surface

Bezel: Brown & Black ceramic outer ring

Strap: Oyster bracelet 904L stainless steel two-tone Rose Gold & stainless steel

Water Resistance: yes, Can swim with it on

Rolex GMT Master ii Root beer Super clone is a high-end 1:1 Replica GMT root beer equipped with Swiss 3285 exact 1:1 Cloned movement. Unlike Cheap Rolex Clones this 1:1 Clone Rolex GMT Master 2 Root beer is heavy in weight shiny like real and is difficult to be spotted as Fake.

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