Difference Between AAA Replica V A Super Clone Watch

Well! everyone has probably heard about 2 most popular grades of Fake Watches, one is AAA Quality grade Fake Watch & another one is a Superclone Watch. What exactly makes the latter different & superior from the former? A Super Clone Watch is a the top quality fake watch, perfect, exact & accurate to an extent where the wrist enthusiasts, horologers & experience collectors have failed to spot them out as fakes! High-End fake Watches or as we call them super clone watches are pricy when compared with AAA Replicas but they really are a point of interest!

Below is a side-by-side video comparison of both category of these Replica watches. It was filmed when we had our previous Clone watch store luxury drip stores up & running.

For the comparison of Rolex AAA V super clone we chosed AAA Rolex day-date 40 presidential with blue face, & Swiss 1:1 Replica Best Super Clone Day-date 40. The one one the left is a AAA Day-Date & on the right side we have 1:1 Day-Date Super Cloned Copy. The One on right hand seems closest to real & is a perfect clone Rolex where as the AAA fake Day-Date seems off than Super Clone. 1:1 Clone Rolex is more shininy and dial color is exactly identical to real. The dimensions in Best Rolex Clones don’t differ by any means at all. A Super clone is made of 904L stainless steel and AAA is made of 316L Stainless steel. 904L oysersteel is used by brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet. Super clone watch takes a lot of time & attention to detail. Whereas japanese(AAA Replica is cheap & cost effective). The most important thing and point of difference between aaa & clone is the movement. Super clone watches are equipped with Swiss ETA clone movements where in the movement inside the watch is exactly cloned to what you find in real, For example, A real Patek Philippe nautilus has Caliber 324Sc Movement and patek Philippe Super clone watches also have the movements based on the models respectively. In AAA Replicas one movement fits all, you would see the same movement in many different models, For instance you may find same japanese movement in Submariner & Sea-dweller, GMT Master, Explorer. But That’s not the case with Superclone watches.